About Us: Noho Group is a property development studio, specialising in delivering quality boutique developments.

Noho Group

Noho Group are creators. 

Creators of places to dwell that embody the values of our clients lives, places that are intertwined and contribute to vibrant communities, places that enrich the urban fabric and future of our city. 

Whether it be our innovative approach, our dedication to craftsmanship and the making process, or our vision to develop places that our clients can truly dwell – our role as creators does not change. 

As a collaborative studio, Noho Group brings together the resources, knowledge and business acumen drawn from a wealth of local and international experience, in over 40 years in development, architecture and construction. 

Noho Group specialises in delivering quality boutique residential and commercial developments. Our signature is architecturally designed, highly considered projects forming part of the vibrant community in which they will come to life. This approach ensures that our clients can expect to dwell in a place with identity, functionality and beauty.

Noho: to sit, stay, remain, settle, dwell, live, inhabit, reside, occupy


Noho Group believe craftsmanship is our responsibility; fashioning quality materials with considered design to make places of lasting beauty and distinction.


Thinking differently fosters ingenuity in vision, inventiveness in process and creativity in design; which adds significant value to our clients, the built environment and urban landscape.


The places we dwell should reflect our values, complement our lifestyle and maximise the amenity of our context. To dwell is to make more of a space, it is to make it a place we call home.